For All Superman Fans – Man Of Steel 2 Is Here

For All Superman Fans – Man Of Steel 2 Is Here

For those who love superman movies, we got good news for you. The film Man of Steel 2 is now under progression! Warner Bros doesn’t look like they care about the low ratings.

Even though RottenTomato gave it a horrible rating, the film Suicide Squad absolutely busted any possible achievement during its premiere in August- it was also a complete success internationally. However, Warner Bros knows they have to do something about those horrible ratings, so they’ll have to put their best into the upcoming sequel, Man of Steel, to fix things up.

Superman 2 scene

Man of Steel 2, Scene

The Wrap has stated that Man of Steel 2 is currently being filmed, according to a source that has access to the movie. The source remains anonymous, but the statements sound pretty logic. It will all fall in place if Superman manages to make it back into the Justice League, and everything indicates that it will be done.

DC Extended Universe opened with the film Man of Steel 3 years ago, after a long pause of Superman movies that we hadn’t seen since 2006.


The Superman Return film seemed to be quite a success, seeing as it raked in almost $700 million all around the world in the box office, providing WB to proceed to make a complete set of movies based off DC characters. This series of movies kicked off with the Batman vs Superman film in early 2016, which wasn’t precisely the most brilliant film.

The First Impression Isn’t Always The Most Important

The manner in which WB projected the image of Superman in this film seemed to upset the audience and DC fans. The fans also had a bad reaction towards the behaviour of the character posterior to Man of Steel, as Superman takes on a series of reckless actions and events for no solid reason. Some say that WB hasn’t been able to fully exploit the capacity of the new Superman actor, Henry Cavill.

The source pointed out that critiques and complaints have made their way to the producers, and that fixing this issue is in Warner’s to-do list. Currently we have no information on whether Man of Steel 2 will be directed by Zack again, but chances are he probably won’t. Apparently Warner is going for a different approach; another director that will get the correct ideas flowing back up.

Man Of Steel – Highest Rated Film Acknowledged

Out of the DC Extended Universe, Man of Steel continues to highest rated film. The two latest films of this year received awful critiques. Suicide Squad and BvS accumulated and embarrassing 30% rating. The film Man of Steel didn’t really get a decent score, but with a 49% rating, I guess we could say it could have been worse.

We have no clue of when will we be getting our hands on the new film, but it won’t be anytime soon. 2 releases have been confirmed for the next 3 years, one of them could be the film we’re all waiting for. However, if we don’t get Man of Steel 2, we will still be provided with a Superman appearance during Justice League the next year.

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