Mad Max: Fury Road Breaking Records

Mad Max: Fury Road Breaking Records

The 2015 film that totally nailed the 88th Academy Awards (2016). Winning a whole 6 Oscars, it’s safe to say this movie was about as hot as the fire coming out of the Doof Warrior’s guitar.

Featuring Tom Hardy, Furiosa, a psycho flame-throwing guitarrist, and a bunch of helpless hot women, the reincarnation of this 1979-Classicwas a total success during awards.It received a total of 10 accolades during the 88th Academy Awards, which took place in February2016:

Best Sound Editing – Winner
Mark Mangini and David White
Best Sound Mixing – Winner
Chris Jenkins, Gregg Rudloff, and Ben Osmo

Best Visual Effects – Winner
Andrew Jackson, Tom Wood, Dan Oliver, and Andy Williams

Best Makeup and Hairstyling – Nominated
Lesley Vanderwalt, Elka Wardega, and Damian Martin
Best Costume Design – Winner
Jenny Beavan
Best Production Design – Winner
Colin Gibson and Lisa Thompson
Best Film Editing – Winner
Margaret Sixel
Best Cinematography – Nominated
John Seale

Best Picture – Nominated
Doug Mitchell and George Miller

Best Director – Nominated
George Miller

Mad Max: Fury Road had a $150 million budget, allowing the project to apply a very interesting graphic design, featuring amazing special effects and audio. This film paid a lot of attention to the little details (and the major ones as well), and received an amazing amount of different awards and nominations. Apart from 6 Oscars and 4 nominations, the movie received a massive amount of awards and other nominations:



  • Best Photography John Seale Nominated
  • Best Editing Margaret Sixel Winner
  • Best Production Design Cobil Gibson Winner
  • Best Costume Design Jenny Beavan Winner
  • Best Make-Up and Hair Lesley Vanderwalt, Elka Waderga, Damian Martin Winner
  • Best Sound Chris Jenkins, Gregg Rudloff, Ben Osmo Nominated
  • Best Visual Effects Andrew Jackson, Tom Wood, Dan Oliver Nominated


Best Movie – Drama Doug Mitchell and George Miller Nominated
Best Director – George Miller Nominated


  • Best Actress Charlize Theron Winner
  • Best Hero Charlize Theron Nominated
  • Best Villain Hugh Keays-Byrne Nominated
  • Best Fight Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy Nominated

The film also received very good critiques for their musical work. Dutch composer

George Miller

Image Credit: Pixabay

Junkie XL was the mastermind behind this movie’s musical score.

Though before him, artists Hans Zimmer, John Powell and Marco Beltrami were all involved with the musical score at separate points. Junkie XL’s work was pretty remarkable, achieving multiple awards and nominations as well.

Despite not having a record-breaker box office income, the film made its way to fame. It’s a great combination of an all-time-classic like Mad Max, along with modern effects and technology that allowed the film to revive in the modern movie world. It personally deserves each one of the awards and nominations it received, as the great dedication put into the movie can be noticed during the whole movie.

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