Imperium (2016) – Movie Review

Imperium (2016) – Movie Review

In this great movie we can see how Daniel Radcliffe has changed and grew up in the first Daniel Rasgussis’ Film, whose talent is not only directing but writing and producing in his first masterpiece, something we don’t see very often, right?

However, this is the moment that every Harry Potter has been waiting for, Radcliffe, years after Harry Potter has ended, has made it through a really hard change in environment by choosing roles that are not only harder but more interesting and demanding.

This is his more complex acting role after other great movies to watch like The Woman in Black (2012), Horns (2013), and Swiss Army Man (2016) in which we can not only see his acting career going up, but his talent being exploited in some awesome movies like these ones.

At his side in this movie, we can see actors like the Oscar nominee Toni Collete (Sixth Sense, Little Miss Sunshine), the great Nestor Carbonell (Lost, The Dark Knight) and Sam Trammell (True Blood) who’s also a great asset and did a good job in this one. Nonetheless, the most important factor in this movie is Radcliffe, who made a movie felt less than a ‘skinhead’ nazis movie and more like a really well-made anti-nazi police thriller with an awesome performance.

Radcliffe Best Hollywood Movie ‘Asset’ – Nailed it!

We can say that Radcliffe acting was the best asset of the movie. His character in Imperium was not an easy test to show how far he has gone as a famous movie actor.

However, the nice kid role we had seen before in Harry Potter helped in a certain Daniel Radcliffe in Imperum Movieway the actor to make the audience be aware of the change he has made in his career, from a fantasy world as a kid to a really eye-catching and perfect performance as a deceptive undercover FBI agent who didn’t only catch the great guys but could prove that he has more to show than only being a good guy.
But remember, this movie is not reduced to the really risky and right choice of Daniel Radcliffe cast as the main character.


Synopsis – Imperium 2016 Movie

Imperium is a really awesomely adapted screenplay written by Rasgussis who made a great first impression in Hollywood with Imperium,a movie that touches a dark side of the American society.He chose to show a great story about an FBI agent who made it through a really hard mission to uncover the extreme violence and plans behind a nazi skinhead dumb mask, just like Tony Kaye did it with his awesome movie American Story X (1998) featuring Edward Norton.

On the other hand, we can see how the really fast pacing movie can be a turn-down for the debut of Rasgussis. When Nate Foster is presented as an agent of the FBI who’s working in his office like a really calmed man and then 20 minutes later we can see how the protagonist totally changes and is now a complete skinhead and having dinner with the hardest man of the skinheads.

However, the known image of Radcliffe as a ‘good boy’ saved the movie from this little mistake, showing us how an unrecognized movie actor could totally change and make a movie feel better than expected. Also, Rasgussis compensates the movie by making a well-paced thriller in the second part which makes every spectator sweat a little.

Imperium – More than a Movie…

Imperium is not only a simple movie, sometimes you can get the feel of a documentary by the way the movie shows radical and strong images about the skinheads and Nazis’ lives; his families, rituals, communities, rites and so on. What’s more, we can feel how the movie changes from a Nazi documentary to a police thriller in which the Nazi followers start being seen more like cartoons of the extreme left and less like a danger, which is not bad, but makes the movie feel less real.

Imperium movie

The movie accomplishes its objectives on entertaining the audience in a good way, but it doesn’t add anything to the movies we have already seen before. This movie loses the opportunity of showing the audience the deepest and horrible part of the neo-Nazi community, and makes a police thriller who gets the opportunity to entertain and make every spectator connect with the main character.

Not a bad movie, but could do better in its type. A good choice for Radcliffe and a great first impression for Rasgussis.

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