Why are Cinemas so Expensive in Washington, DC

Why are Cinemas so Expensive in Washington, DC

Yes, cinemas are expensive in Washington, D.C. Compared to the other main cities, movie tickets in D.C are overboard. The high prices can limit the people from watching on the big screen.

The Fault is in The Movie Tickets

We can’t blame them. Blame the overpriced movie tickets. What’s causing the high prices? I would say that most significant player that determines the movie tickets price is the cost of living in Washington D.C. Living in D.C can easily be compared when you’re residing in the streets of New York.

Washington as the capital of the United States, it is expected to have everything so pricey.

Taxes are high, and if that is the case, it will be passed on to the consumers. Movie houses based in D.C are paying an enormous amount of rent or possibly even double than other cities.

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Acting ‘Pay Checks’ Another Factor in Determining the High Price

Another thing that plays a major role in determining the prices of the movies is your favorite celebrities as well. They will ask for more than a hundred million dollars of talent fee. It will cause more expenses for the production. Eventually, they have to get it back. Business is a business after all.

Everything has a domino effect when it comes to the prices of the goods passed on to the consumers. Little changes now and then have a tremendous impact on the cost of living, depending on where you are.

Alright, I’ve been ranting out. I can’t help it. Compared to the prices before, cinema prices have gone through a drastic change over the years. It’s just sad to think that because of the prices, people don’t go to theaters anymore like they used to.

Well as for D.C, we have to endure the $27 average of getting a ticket for two if you are planning to have a movie date. What we can do as movie fans is hope that things will get better for the industry and not worse.

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