Top 5 Movies that Used the Best Special Effects

Top 5 Movies that Used the Best Special Effects

Now you will hardly see any movies without special effects. People love to see wars, fantasy battles, etc. on screen due to the special effects. These special effects change a person’s vision and make the film unique. Lot’s of imagination goes into making these special effects. Here are the best 5 films listed totally free by megamovies,which people will remember for a long time for its special events.

Avataravatar movie

This film earned about $3 billion in the box office. James Cameron had to work hard for seven years to provide the special effects we see in the movie. Avatar transformed the way filmmakers use special effects in cinemas. Heavy use fo the cutting-edge motion produced a real 3-D experience for the movie. Normally, films are shown at 24 frames per second. But Cameron showed it in 60 frames per second. Cameron has simply taken the special effects to a new height.

Inceptioninception movie

Inception had a good star cast with Leonardo DiCaprio playing the lead role. The movie is about looking into our world of dream and how we can be manipulated every night when we sleep. Plenty of scenes in the movie shows the character Arthur running down a spinning corridor at no gravity scene! The scene was filmed having an actual corridor that was placed on a revolving axis. It was done to simulate the anti-gravity effects. The scene just leaves a lasting image in the mind of the viewers.


Lord of the Rings: Return of the KingThe Lord of the rings

It is the 5th highest grossing movies of all time. The best scene of the movie was the final battle scenes that take place outside Minas Tirith.

It is the most amazing fictitious battle people have ever seen on screens. J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings are very famous, and the director Peter Jackson has brought it to the silver screen in the most amazing fashion.


King KongKing Kong movie

The special effects used in the movie King Kong is still one of the best used in movies. Andi Serkis played the role of Kong. He had to wear a full suit in the shape of a gorilla in which he acted out the Kong movements and the behavioral patterns. Kong is one of the most lifelike fictional characters ever seen on screen.



District 9District 9 movie

This was a South-African based science-fiction film. It enticed viewers with its first opening when an alien mother ship was seen coming over Johannesburg. The size and the extreme power of the ship were something to admire. It is considered to be the greatest vehicular design of all time.

The special effects used in these movies have glued people to their seats and have given them a jaw-opening experience. These films have taken the use of special effects to a new level.

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